My friend purchased a house in a very art-filled neighborhood in Los Angeles and now he wants to renovate it with a movie house and art installation.

Read more: The house he bought has an ‘artist house’ title The house I bought, in this case, a house named “The Art House” has an artist house theme.

It’s a small, but stunning, house in an art-packed neighborhood in LA.

It is owned by an American artist named James Ruppert and has a large mural of a woman on the front wall.

Ruppert said in a video message that he’s building his house as a tribute to the work of renowned art and sculpture artist, Pablo Picasso.

It also features a “skeletons and other props” and a fireplace.

I’m in love with it, he said in the video, and I love it.

The house is a “home for art, architecture, photography and sculpture.”

He described the project as an homage to “the spirit of the place,” and he also said it was designed to be “as natural as possible.”

He explained that the house will be a home for “people to be free of modernism and modernity, and in doing so to create a home where they can connect and have fun.”

Here’s what you need to know about “The art house”:The house Ruppet is building has a lot of artworks.

It has two paintings by David Sacks, one of which features a man’s head on a wall.

The house is also decorated with a large painting by Salvador Dali, a master of modern abstract art.

The painting is called “The Artist’s Home,” and it’s one of the works that Ruppett says is inspired by Pablo Picassos work.

Here’s the house’s main hall:This house is designed to create an environment where people can enjoy a wide range of different kinds of entertainment.

There’s an open-air theater, and there’s a cafe.

And there’s also a playroom with a hammock, a fireplace, a fire pit, and a mini-poster stage.

Ruffner also said the house has a “seated area” for people to sit.

He said it’s also “a place where people come together and share a drink and talk about the art in the world.”

I love this house, Ruppetts wife said in her video message.

I am going to build a house like it in a moment.

I think it will be amazing.

It will have a great community feel and an art house feel to it.

This video of Ruppets wife talking about the house shows the house was actually built in the late 1980s.

Rupps wife has an interesting connection to his work:She works in the same area where the house is located.

Her name is Sarah Ruppers.

Her husband is an artist in Los Feliz.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, she described how they first met.

The two met in 2009 when Ruppetz was living in San Francisco.

The couple bought a condo in the area, and they lived there for two years.

In 2014, the couple moved to Los Angeles.

In 2015, Rupett was born.

The couple moved back to San Francisco in 2019.

The new house is built in what is known as “the art district,” an area that includes Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Venice Beach Pier.

Roppets wife described how the couple has “very strong ties” to the neighborhood.

She said they are very excited about the project, which she hopes will become a home “where people can come together to enjoy their time.”

The house was built in 2010.

It was first sold to a group of friends and family.

A private donor helped raise $25,000 to build it.

Rupett said the $250,000 is a lot to spend, but it’s a “big deal” to her.

“I’m thrilled to be able to share my home with the people who love art,” she said.

“The art is a way of life, and to have a place where they’re free of that and to be in an environment like this is a great way of sharing that art and to connect with each other.”

She said the people they’ve been able to connect “with and talk to are wonderful people, and we’re very excited to see how it evolves.”

Here are some of the house amenities:It has a kitchen, living room, a guest bathroom, a laundry room, and an “outdoor play area.”

The house also features an outdoor pool and a firepit.

Rupsit told The Daily News that she and Rupperman have a “very warm and good friendship.”