This old house in Australia is owned by a single mom who has a dog named Cinnamon.

She bought it for $7,000 when she was 25 and is still paying rent to keep it in her parents’ name.

Cinnamon is one of the oldest pets at the house, but she only has a few years left.

“She’s got a big appetite,” said Marjorie Burchardt, who lives with Cinnamon in her three-bedroom house in Canberra.

“She eats almost everything we have.”

Cinnamon lives with her owner and her father in her mother’s home, and she’s an avid runner.

A few years ago, Cinnamon came into Burchardsons life and the two had a big talk about her future.

Cinnamon had been sick for a while, and Burcharsons mother said Cinnamon had no life outside of her pet.

Burcharstedt was shocked to learn that Cinnamon’s owners had bought the house for less than $7000.

Cinnamon was bought from a pet shop, and the owners didn’t pay her veterinary bills or care for her when she became ill.

Marjorie bought the home from her mother after Cinnamon went through a few owners.

The two say Cinnamon is a very independent cat, and it’s hard to imagine how she could have gone to a pet store for that much money.

Despite the expense, Burchartts mother said she’s glad she bought Cinnamon because she knows she can count on her kitty to stay healthy.

But Cinnamon has been in a lot of situations that she can’t seem to handle.

Babb has been diagnosed with cancer, which has affected her appetite, and has been on an insulin regimen to help manage the pain.

Babb said she is currently using a wheelchair to get around and has to wear a mask for safety reasons.

The house is also filled with dust, and Cinnamon is constantly getting her feet tangled in the sheets.

On top of that, the house is surrounded by debris.

While Cinnamon has a hard time standing up, Marjories parents have not been able to take any of her shopping.

She is still living with the family who purchased the house and still gets her groceries at the local supermarket.

There is nothing she can do about Cinnamon, Marjeres mother said.