The number of properties that can be rented for less than 2,000 baht has soared in the past year, according to a new study by the Ministry of Housing.

Thailand’s housing sector has been battered by a string of floods and landslides that hit the country’s coastal regions.

Since March 1, there have been more than 600 deaths in the coastal areas, according the countrys Disaster Management Office.

“Since March 1 this year, the number of people living in a single room in Thailand has grown by 5 per cent,” said Pham-Ming Kuan, deputy director general of the Disaster Management Bureau of the Ministry.

The surge in house rentals was most pronounced in the mountainous region of Phuket.

In April, the total number of houses rented for 2,080 bahts hit 4,500, while this month, it rose to 4,600, according data from the National Statistics Office.

The number of property rental properties has also increased significantly in the central provinces, according a report by the Association of National and Regional Development Companies.

It said the number reached 4,846 in May and 4,946 in June, while the number in July is estimated to be 4,990.

Kuan said that the rise in the number is due to a number of factors.

The country has been coping with a severe drought since March, which has seen severe flooding.

The drought has affected people’s lives and led to a drastic rise in people’s reliance on property.

“In addition, the floods are also impacting people’s livelihoods,” he said.

“We’re seeing a boom in the rental market,” said Poonam Thumakulakul, a Phukets house owner.

He added that the boom has been fueled by a combination of factors including the construction of new houses in areas hit by floods.

“There are more houses being built,” he told Al Jazeera.

“So we’re seeing that in many cases we’re just sitting in a vacant house.”

He added: “People who had lived in empty houses were now living in new ones, so that’s a positive trend.”

A total of 13,732 houses were rented out in April, according TOGK-TV.

This month, the figure is estimated at 15,856.

Thai house prices have been increasing since the end of March.

In May, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment rose by 11.6 per cent to 454,000 won ($460).

In June, it climbed to 456,000, and it was still rising in July, when it was estimated to reach 547,000.