BANGKOK — The Chinese restaurant in Bangkok where guests can sample all of the dishes at the top of the menu has expanded its menu to include chicken, lobster and shrimp dishes.

The newly added dishes include chicken and lobster, chicken and shrimp, shrimp and beef, and chicken and pork.

A new menu item for Chinese food, chicken rice, is also now available.

The restaurant is known for its authentic food and its unique cooking method, which is unique to its country, and its menu features only those items.

Its restaurant, which opened last year in the former Siam Palace Hotel, is popular with Western tourists who can also enjoy the ambience of the restaurant.

This is the first time a restaurant in Thailand has opened up a menu that includes a seafood option and seafood dishes.

Chinese food has become a staple of Bangkok and is very popular.

A similar restaurant in Beijing, which has also been expanding, also offers a seafood menu.