The Trump rally is scheduled for 9:00 AM ET.

On Sunday, August 24, Pekinghouse, a group that hosts events for the president, will host a rally for the rally.

The PekingHouse event has been a hot topic of discussion online.

Members of the Trump campaign have said the rally is not being planned as a protest or rally.

However, a video posted on Facebook by a Peking house member showed a protester being escorted out of the venue.

In the video, a man can be seen trying to enter the venue by the doors.

As he attempts to enter, he is pulled out by security and thrown to the ground.

The protester is later escorted out and is escorted to a waiting car.

The protester was then removed from the car and thrown into the crowd by a crowd of supporters.

The video was removed from Facebook on Tuesday, August 27.

A spokesperson for the Peking Houses Twitter account, tweeted out a statement saying the group is “looking into the incident and will cooperate fully with law enforcement.”

“We do not condone violence or the use of violence.

We strongly condemn violence and any other acts of hate or hate speech.

We will cooperate completely with law enforce agents.”

In response to the video being removed, members of the PeakingHouse group released a statement on Facebook saying, “The event has not been canceled and will go ahead as planned on August 24.”

The event will be livestreamed on and Facebook Live.