House hunters are set to open their first doors on the second Saturday in September in North Carolina.

“We’re really excited about opening up this first weekend,” said House hunter Scott Miller.

Miller has been open-hiring house hunters for the past three years, and said he expects a steady stream of new hunters to show up.

House hunters can start hunting at the Hunter Club of Asheville’s first hunting tent on the first Saturday in Sept. Miller said that in the past, hunting season has typically run from the end of September to the beginning of October, so he is hoping for a good start.

The Hunter Club will also have the ability to host house hunters on the hunt, so the average house hunter can expect to spend about a month hunting.

House hunting can be a time-consuming process, but Miller said he thinks that with the Hunter House Hunters Association, the process should be much easier.

“We are going to be working with a lot of people,” he said.

“We are trying to get them involved in the hunt in a way that helps the people that are interested and helps the environment.”

House hunters will also be able to buy their own gear, including hunting knives, hunting scopes, and shotguns.

“It’s going to go on a leash, so we are going with a dog, but the person has to get permission from their owner,” Miller said.

House Hunters Association member and former Republican U.S. Rep. Jackie Thompson said the association is going to bring together hunters from all walks of life and offer opportunities to them to meet new hunters.

“What we’ve learned is that the most successful hunters, they’re people that can bring their skills to bear, they can do a lot for the environment, and they’re the best hunters in America,” Thompson said.