The bat house in the back yard of a Winchester house is an unusual sight for most residents.

There are a lot of them around the county.

The house was built in 1884, and it was one of the most popular in the neighborhood.

It’s now a popular stop on the popular Winchester Spooky House Tour, and residents can find it on their Google Maps search.

But the bat house was not built to last.

In 1926, a man named James L. McDaniel moved in.

He took over the house and moved it into his family’s home.

McDaniel and his wife had a small garden, but they didn’t have much to do.

They had an old Victorian house that they lived in for years.

His family had built a large house out in the woods, and they kept the old home as a living space.

A lot of people lived in the house, including his son.

When James L.’s son moved out, he had the old house built into his new house.

James and his son lived in that house for about two decades.

During this time, the house was surrounded by spooky stories.

Some of the spooky tales are very old.

One of the stories tells of a haunted house, where a ghost was seen running across the floor.

Another story tells of an old house that was built on top of a lake, and the house has a lot to do with the lake.

And there are a few stories that are new.

On one particular day, a woman was sitting on the porch of her home, when she saw a woman in black with a long beard and a big black bowler hat.

She then heard a woman say, “That’s the witch,” and she followed the woman into the house.

It is a bit eerie, to say the least.

After this incident, the woman moved out.

This story of the witch haunted house has not been told since.

However, the story has haunted many of the locals in the area.

I can still remember a very long time ago when I was a kid, my parents would come down to the house to visit.

Once I was around 5 years old, my mother brought me home and took me to the haunted house.

I would just sit there and watch as she took her bowler hats off and said something to the old lady.

As I was about to leave, she put her hand on my shoulder and said, “This is the witch.

She told me to tell you to go back and watch this house.

She said if you didn’t go back, you wouldn’t know what you were looking at.”

After I went to sleep that night, I started to hear a strange sound.

I woke up and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

But the next morning I went down to look for my mother and I didn’t find her there either.

At that time, I didn´t know that I had to be afraid.

You don’t need to be scared to go and see a haunted home.

The story of a witch haunted home is not new, but the reason why it is so powerful is because the story is very old and the story itself is not really a story.

What you need in your home to help you make a spooky story more spooky.