A bunch of smart people at Homejoy are giving a new twist to Airbnb and its “rental revolution.”

As part of its new initiative, Homejoy has created a special promo code called the “Sale & Share” that will be available to all Airbnb users on its platform.

In order to get the promo code, users must sign up for an Airbnb account and register for a new Airbnb account within 30 days.

This means that those who signed up to an Airbnb for a week will have their account immediately updated with the code, making the offer even more enticing.

The promo code also gives you a discount of up to $15 on a single-room occupancy home.

There are some caveats to the offer.

The offer only applies to new Airbnb users.

For those who have already registered for an account, they will get their discount before it expires, which is what we’ve been seeing in the real estate market.

It’s not a complete deal though, and we’ve found that some people are paying as much as $50 more per month for their new Airbnb rental, which may seem like a lot of money.

To help you out, we’ve put together a full list of all the features that are available with this deal.

Read on for all the details.