I know a lot about house racing because I’ve been on the grid every race I’ve ever been in.

But this year, the first race I have been in as a driver, the British Grand Prix, was a little different.

It was my first race in a Formula One car and I was on a race car that had a lot of changes to it.

The car was going fast and had to be fast.

I had a new car for the British GP that I didn’t know much about.

And it was a race that didn’t even have a grand prix at the moment.

So, I had to learn a lot.

But what I also knew was that the British race was the first Formula One race to be held at the home of a British manufacturer.

And Formula One cars are not normally used at home races, so I was nervous.

I’d never raced in the British Championship, so it was something that I really wanted to do.

But then, as the race went on, I got a bit more comfortable.

I just realised I was going to do well.

And I got really close to winning.

It was a very exciting race.

I drove the same car as in the previous race and the car that I drove for the first time was actually a different one.

But, as I said, it was my very first race.

So what was it like driving a Formula 1 car in a foreign country?

Well, I remember that we were sitting in a cafe in Hong Kong and they had the seats on the inside.

And we were watching Formula One races on television and there were a lot more fans.

We went to the hotel the next day, which was pretty cool because I’d had a couple of meetings with the owners and I’d been asked to come to the Formula One HQ.

I got the keys and I took the first step.

We started in a little cafe on the main street of Hong Kong.

The first thing we did was get our shoes on.

We sat on the chairs.

And there were some cars that were on the circuit.

We got the tyres on and we drove off.

I thought that it was good for me to be in Hong.

I got the first experience of racing in a British Formula One garage.

And then, after that, I was very comfortable.

We had the car fitted and I drove it for about two months.

Then, at the last race, I went back to the UK.

So, that was the race that I got to race.

It’s the one I wanted to drive the most.

And this was my second race, which is my first Formula 1 race.

So I was excited.

So I got on the phone to the FIA and asked if they would allow me to race in the UK, because I was hoping that I could do well there.

The FIA said that I wouldn’t be allowed to drive, but I thought it was okay.

It would be my first time in a team-based event, so, the FIA was really understanding and I thought I would be OK.

So we drove the car to the track and, at one point, I thought to myself, ‘That’s the most exciting thing I’ve done.’

And, I’d already been to the top of the mountain and done everything I needed to do to be able to climb it.

But the track itself was a lot bigger and it was also a lot faster than what I had done before.

I was driving a car that was going faster and faster and I felt good.

I enjoyed it and it helped me to grow as a person.

It took a while for me and my team to really get to grips with the car.

The team was very, very slow to get used to it and the drivers were very, too.

I think I had some sort of nervous breakdown because the drivers are really good drivers, and I could have easily just had a bad day.

But I had one really good day and that was when I was able to go out and score a couple more points.

But it was very good to be racing at a Formula E race.

And, that’s when I felt I really hit my stride.

It helped me improve my performances and that’s what I would like to see in Formula One in the future.