Built in 1776, the Brick House is one of the most beautiful buildings in the history of London.

Now, it has been taken over by the family of its original owner.

The former estate of the wealthy Mr. John Bicker, the house has now been turned into a private home for the first time since 1885.

The Bicker family owns the property in Wandsworth and has been helping it rebuild since 2013.

“It is such an amazing building,” said Mr. Bicker’s granddaughter, Helen Bicker.

“The bricks have been painstakingly restored, and the windows are now up and running.

A number of other buildings in London’s historic districts have been turned over to the Bickers. “

I think it is the most spectacular building in London, and that it’s been kept in such a state of good repair for so long.”

A number of other buildings in London’s historic districts have been turned over to the Bickers.

The St. Paul’s Church in Kensington, built in 1763, is now being restored by the Bickers.

In the East End, the new St. Andrew’s Church is being restored and renovated by the Grosvenor family.

In North Kensington the Bicks’ former home at 24 St. George’s Place is being turned into an affordable house for elderly people, and is currently under renovation.

“We want to help as many people as we can in the building to give them a safe, modern home, and we want to show the world that it is a building of this sort,” said Helen Bickers of the Bricks’ efforts.

“Our dream is to build a new home in the Bazaar, in Walthamstow, and to bring the old buildings back into the public domain.”

Mr. and Mrs. Bickers own the property and they have been trying to preserve the building as a landmark since the 1980s.

“For over 30 years, we have had this amazing home and the building was the most wonderful building in Kensham,” said Mrs. Grosvolds.

“There’s so much history there and we are hoping that the building can continue to be a source of pride and pride for our family and to provide people with a good home.”

The restoration is expected to take at least another two years, but the Bickers hope it will be completed by 2021.