The craft store of a Hyderabad house owner who won’t reveal his last name has a new toy.

Alyssa’s House Quizzes is a collection of 10 questions that will get you an answer on the history of a house, the history behind a particular house or a particular area of the house.

It is being offered at the shop of M.R. Shrestha, who runs the Shophouse on the corner of Maunampur and Khanna streets.

“The questions have been designed to be easy to answer, and to be fun and helpful to the person who is answering them,” says Shresthal.

“It’s a game that the customer can choose from and can be taken home and played with after they finish.”

For a limited time, it is available at the ShopHouse on the day of the Hyderabad International Folk Festival.

“We have been asked by the owners to get rid of the questions.

It’s like a game and it’s an enjoyable way to get your questions answered,” he says.

The quiz has been in development for about three months and has been a huge hit with customers.

“People are asking for answers, they are curious,” says Anu Narayanan, a customer.

“When I first saw the first question, I thought I could not understand the question.

It seemed like a lot of trouble,” she says.”

It’s like the best kind of fun that I have had in the past few days.

The customers are also very happy,” says a shop employee.

For the first time, customers will be able to buy and share answers for the quiz.

“If someone asks questions like ‘How did you get that book?’, we will get the answers for them.

This is the first book that has been written in English by the author,” says Narayan, adding that the books will be available at a special shop in the shophouse.

Shresthal is confident that the questions are very useful for anyone who wants to understand how houses were built, but is keen to keep the focus on the customer.

“I don’t think this quiz is going to be a big hit at all, but people want to understand the history, they want to know about the history in the neighbourhood, they don’t want to be confused,” he insists.

“So we have to find a balance.”

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