A Spongebob House cleaning crake is back and it’s about to hit the home décor market.

It started with a Spongebobo house.

A lot of people loved the Spongebobs.

The Spongebobiobs have had a hard time in recent years.

SpongeBob’s house has been sold.

His kids went to boarding school.

And the SpongeBob house has just gone on the market.

The sale price has not been announced, but a few days ago, the listing was listed for $3.8 million.

That’s a whopping $1 million less than it was in February.

The seller was a company called Blue Diamond, which is a cleaning and maintenance company.

A couple of days ago Blue Diamond got a hold of the house, and the house is going to be cleaned.

The company is offering a full-service cleaning service.

They are going to get out into the neighborhood and get people out to the house.

They will clean the whole house.

The owner is hoping to raise about $600,000 to get the house cleaned.

The house is in Blue Diamond’s neighborhood in South Portland, Ore.

It’s a beautiful home.

There is a pool, a pool house, a big pool, and it has a large deck.

The pool house was built in the 1960s.

It has two large water features, which are the pool and the hot tub.

The hot tub is a big feature, as well.

It has two huge bedrooms, which includes the master bedroom.

There are a couple of storage rooms, which include a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, and a dining room.

There’s a large living room area with a large TV screen.

There are two additional bedrooms, with the master and second bedrooms.

There also is a large library with a couch and chair.

There is a small garage.

There were four vehicles that were there, including a white pickup truck, and there was a black pickup truck.

They have a small, two-story house.