With the release of Barbie’s latest house, you can probably expect the same reaction. 

But is Barbie’s home really that bad? 

Not really, according to a recent study. 

The researchers found that “babies were more likely to prefer their house to be smaller than the average house” and that “most of the babies preferred that their house be about the same size as their parents’ house.” 

But what makes Barbie’s house so bad is that it’s actually more similar to the average home than to a real one. 

Researchers from the University of Michigan conducted a study looking at what it would take for a home to be truly “homey” to a child. 

They decided to use a “bargain basement” model and compared the home to that of an average family of five. 

When they looked at the differences in height, the average home was 1.9 feet tall, and the average room was just over 3 feet wide. 

For comparison, the home of an American couple living in the United Kingdom, for example, is 2.7 feet tall and 1-foot wide.