It was one of the most anticipated games of the year, but the Premier League is not looking so good after an agonising defeat by Manchester City.

Here’s what we think of all four contenders.

More goals! 

It was a very hard-fought game at St James’ Park and the result is a great disappointment for the home fans who came out to support the defending champions.

It also saw City make a statement in the Premier Player of the Year race with their best performance of the season.

City’s players will now be focused on the task of finding the right way to move onto the Champions League. 

But it was City’s poor performance that made the game difficult to take in.

In fact, City were the better team in every single phase of the game.

The midfielders lacked the composure to deal with the pressure of Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany and, as a result, it was the midfielders that created the majority of the chances.

Manchester City conceded two goals in the first half After a disappointing first half in the season, City’s performances in the second half were quite good.

It was a positive sign that City were in good form after the last few weeks and were able to take the lead early on.

The first half was very similar to the first game.

It saw City’s attacking players go on the attack and the midfield struggled to deal well with the pressing from Aguero. 

As a result of the poor performances, City started the second 45 minutes on the back foot. 

City had an excellent chance on the hour mark but Aguero turned it in for the away team. 

This was a poor goal from Aguerre.

He should have had the ball at his feet. 

There were also several good chances for City in the middle of the park as well. 

On the hour, the visitors tried to create a new opportunity from the penalty spot but Aguerrea was unable to make any impact. 

After the second goal, City continued to struggle and were unable to create any chances. 

Aguerre was substituted for the third goal but did not score a single second-half goal. 

Manchester City’s defence was ineffective Manchester’s defence failed to deal adequately with the pressures of Aguero in the last two weeks.

The first half against Manchester City was very good.

They defended well, kept the ball and controlled the game, but their midfield was not in a good place. 

The first goal was a great example of how the defenders should be defending.

City were able, for example, to hold off City’s full-backs by pushing them away from the ball when they were pressing them. 

It could have been even better.

The City players had to be a bit more patient in the final third as Aguero was able to pick out the right pass to break through. 

 The second goal was also a great goal from the City midfield.

The full-back played well with Aguero on the ball, but it was a shame that Aguero did not have the opportunity to play in the area. 

I hope this article will encourage City to look more forward to next week’s game against Arsenal.