Hyatt is the new name for a house in the Netherlands.

It is the latest in a long line of home remodels to become trendy in the country.

Hyatt houses are becoming more popular because of cheaper rents, less maintenance and easier access to city living.

It has been widely reported that the average cost of a Hyad is around $3,000 per square foot in some parts of the country, which has attracted attention from some investors.

Hyad houses are generally larger and have more bedrooms than traditional Dutch houses, and the houses are more affordable than traditional condos.

The average price of a house built with Hyatt’s platform is about $1,000, according to data from Dutch brokerage Gulli.

A traditional condo in the city center is about 5,000 euros ($6,000), which is about half the price of the Hyatt house.

The Hyatt has become a hot topic in the Dutch media because of its “smart home” features.

Smart devices can control appliances, lighting and security systems, such as door locks.

In some cases, these features have been integrated into the design of the home itself.

A smart light bulb can be controlled remotely from the home’s front door, while the thermostat can be set to automatically switch to a low or high setting for the owner, so they can be more alert.

The platform can be used to control lights, ventilation, heat and air conditioning, and security cameras.

Hyid, which stands for Hyatt Home, offers a wide range of features including smart lighting and smart thermostats, which can be customized to suit the owner’s personal preferences.

This is because Hyatt aims to provide the home with “a home with the best value.”

The company is currently building a 3,000 square-meter house for a man and his wife in Rotterdam, a city in northern Holland.

The house is to be named “Hobart,” a nickname for the Netherlands’ capital city.

The name is part of a trend to differentiate Hyatt brands by adding the word “Hyatt” to the brand name, in order to create a unique and meaningful connection with the owner.

The company has also been expanding into Europe.

Earlier this year, it launched the Hyad Home range of affordable homes in London, New York and Paris, as well as in Germany, France and Spain.

The new Hyatt home is to open later this year in Berlin.

In Germany, Hyatt announced the launch of its own house called “Hyde” in May 2018.

The home has been named after the founder of Hyatt, the first company in the company’s history.

It features a kitchen that can be turned into a living room, which will be accessible from a staircase.

The owners will also have the ability to turn the home into a studio or study, as it can also be used as a guest room.

Hyde will be sold in more than 10,000 homes in Germany and Austria by the end of 2019.

Hyatten has recently introduced its first European house, which is the “Fahrenheit” Hyatt.

It will be available to order in 2018.