With a sequel set to begin streaming on Netflix on January 8, 2017, the popular animated film starring Michael Caine and Annette Bening, ‘A Little Help From My Friends’, was in danger of being cancelled, after the studio announced it would only release the film in the UK.

But after more than 100 million viewers tuned in, it was the right move for the studio to bring the film to Netflix.

This means that the world of ‘A.H.I.T.E.’ and ‘A Day In The Life of An Animal House’ will continue to be seen across Netflix.

As well as the original film, the streaming service also includes ‘The Catcher In The Rye’, ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and ‘The Nutty Professor’.

But for ‘A Pet Shop Called Wanda’, the streaming platform has also included a new movie, ‘Pete’s Dragon’, which follows Pete the cat and his friends as they fight the evil sorceress Wanda, played by Scarlett Johansson.

In a new interview with CNN, ‘Catcher In the Rye’ co-writer James L. Brooks said he was “very excited” to have his new film, starring Jon Hamm, on Netflix.

“It’s very much like the way we first started, we’re making a sequel to one of our favorite movies,” he told CNN.

“Pete is an innocent cat, but he is really a very cunning, very clever cat.

It’s about how he’s able to use his skills to help people and how he also becomes one of the biggest villains of all time.”

‘A Pets Planet’ is currently available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Video.

The series is also available on Amazon Prime Video, and will be available to buy and rent at some point in 2017.

The cast also spoke to CNN about what went wrong with ‘Pets Planet’, which was set for a 2016 release. 

“It was a terrible, horrible experience,” says Jennifer Hoberman, who plays Catrina.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, well, it’s a Pets Planet sequel.

You’ll be fine’.

And I was like, Well, I guess not.

The show was so great, and it was such a huge hit, but they just wanted to keep the movie out of the public eye.

But it was really disappointing, because it was like they had this magical formula for it. “

I think they’re very sensitive to that kind of thing, so they kept it in the closet.

But it was really disappointing, because it was like they had this magical formula for it.

And I thought, If they’re going to keep this secret, I have to keep it a secret, too.” 

“Pets’ Planet” director, Steve Zahn, explained that he was surprised to be cast in the role of Catrina, who was a “very popular character” in the books and the animated series. 

However, he said the producers were “very happy” to work with Hamm. 

Hoberman says she has been watching the series since she was a child. 

When Hamm was cast, she was disappointed. 

“[But] now I see that they did a wonderful job, so I think I’ll stick around.” 

When asked about the film’s fate, Hobermann says she thinks it is important to keep fans engaged. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hamm explained that the series has always been a love letter to the books, and that his character will have to survive the end of the world. 

He told the outlet: “It will be a good movie for all ages.

It is a very good movie.

I think it’s going to be really entertaining.”