The first time I walked into the barbie dream home on the outskirts of London, I thought I had just stepped out of a sci-fi movie.

It was so cool, I didn’t know if it was real or not.

But then, when I looked up and saw a couple of dogs on a walk and a bunch of little cats and a huge, colourful Christmas tree in the middle of the living room, it was like the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen.

The barbie was the inspiration for the dream home, and it’s now on the market for £6.4m.

Barbie dream House The barbies in the dreamers are just a few of the details that went into making this dream home a reality.

It’s a mix of Victorian design and modern design elements such as the original wood grain finish, and a modern kitchen and bath.

But it’s also been designed to look like a barbie, with a modernised home, modern lighting and a lot of detail.

Barbershop The barbershop is an important part of the dreamer.

The house’s master builder, Tom Robinson, said it was built for a man who had recently been married and had a baby daughter.

He built it to look modern, with big windows and a new, modern kitchen.

He also added a barbershed.

The dreamer’s kitchen features modern technology including electric appliances, a fridge and a microwave, as well as a range of appliances and cutting boards.

“The kitchen is modern, but we didn’t want to leave it to the natural beauty of the land,” Mr Robinson said.

“It’s been designed with a focus on natural beauty and the elements that can be reclaimed.”

Barbershops in London were an important aspect of the vision of the barbershops.

Mr Robinson’s dreamers were designed to have a modern and modern feel.

The owner of the house, Tom Robson, says his dreamers will look like barbers.

The design is influenced by contemporary furniture, which makes it more than just a barber shop.

“Barbershops are such an integral part of our life here in London, and the barber’s shop was a big part of that,” he said.

Barbies in London barbie house design, barbers and barbies dreamers in London dreamer house design The dreamers themselves will be an integral piece of the design, which includes a living room with a fireplace and a TV and a sofa.

The kitchen is also a part of their dreamers, and includes a range to decorate.

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