House Republicans voted on Thursday to pass a bill allowing children to play Minecraft without a parent’s permission.

The House passed the bill, and the Senate is expected to take up the legislation in the coming days.

The measure passed the House on a vote of 205-189, with no Democrats voting in favor.

The bill is aimed at helping children learn about science and technology.

The legislation allows children to use the virtual world as a way to explore the world.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said that the bill will allow children to explore “all of the world’s wondrous wonders, including the wonders of the solar system, the wonders and wonders of our solar system,” and “the wonders of science and math.”

It also allows for Minecraft-like activities like building structures or playing with blocks.

“Children should not be limited in the use of technology that they learn at home,” she said in a statement.

“The bill that passed today will help ensure that every child has the opportunity to play in the world, learn, and discover together.”

The bill also allows the U.S. Department of Education to help schools in states that allow it to implement the new rules.

“This bipartisan legislation will allow school districts across the country to set up the rules and provide access to the Internet to children across the nation,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said in the statement.

The Trump administration is also working to roll back regulations that prevent states from requiring parents to let their children use a specific set of games.

“Today’s vote shows the power of states to provide choice to their children and ensure their right to a free and open internet,” the Department of Justice said in its statement.