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The Conjuring house of pizza, located at 523 W. Sixth St., was once home to a former owner who is now living out a strange, long-running story in a fictional town called Middletown.

The Conjurer, the title of which is the original title of a fictional play, was a fictional character created by author Charles Dickens.

It is often associated with witchcraft, or some supernatural element, but in the real world, the Conjurer was a magician who would appear in stories.

The house’s occupants, however, are just as likely to say they were visiting the place for Halloween, or for some other reason.

The conjuring houses at the end of the block have a number of paranormal attributes, including ghostly apparitions, and a series of mysterious doors, all of which can only be opened by the Conjuring Man, the ghost that is usually seen entering the house.

But these houses also have a very odd twist.

The houses, which are also referred to as the conjuring mansions, have been a popular haunt for the residents of Middletown for decades.

In recent years, however it’s become a mystery as to how the house, with its creepy decor, became a haunt.

The residents of the house have told residents of other haunted houses in the area that the houses are haunted by ghosts, and that they’ve been seen by other ghosts.

There have been reports of a ghost in the attic that seems to haunt the house as well, and of a man who seems to live in the house who has a lot of energy.

The real life owner of the conjure houses, Middlinown, Pennsylvania, told local media that the ghost of the man who lives in the Conjure house is the same as the ghost in a play called The Conjure House of the Living Dead.

He said that it was one of the people who had lived in the play who came back to the house in the 1980s.

He added that he believes he has seen this man in person in Middelinown.

The ghost of a former resident of the Conjuration house, the man that lived there, who also is a person that has seen ghosts, was not present when the owners of the houses lived there.

The real estate broker at the time of the owners’ deaths told local news that the man was never seen alive.

The owner of Midshipman Manor, a home for the former owners of Middleshipman House, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the real ghost of that man is not present.

The ghost of him is not visible, he said, but there is an empty house.