A new film from actor Kevin Kline about the lives of spiders casts a spotlight on their everyday lives.

Kline, who plays “Scooby” the cat in the film, will be joined by a number of actors in the role of a spider, as well as a number who have portrayed spiders in films including “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.”

The film is slated to hit theaters in 2019.KLINE, whose real name is Kevin E. Kline, will play the character “Snooby,” who lives in the small town of Woodbury, New Jersey.

In the film he and his best friend, the town’s resident spider, have a lot of fun and explore a variety of different places.

Klin and his team will also be joined on-set by actor Nick Zano, who played a man called Spider-Man in the first two films, as they visit a cemetery and visit a school that has been turned into a home for spiders.

Klein will be starring alongside his son, Kevin J. Klin, who stars in the movie alongside his daughter, Shari, and brother, Andrew.

Kino, who also starred in the original “The Cat in the Hat,” will be seen with his wife, Shani Klin.

The film will be produced by Kino and his partner, Ben Sussman.

It will be released by Universal Pictures, which owns both “The Desolation” and “The Spider” franchises.