I was left with a cat for the rest of my life, but that did not stop my friend from making a big deal about the cat’s death.

She wanted to see it for herself and, as she had been on the hunt for a pet since the age of five, wanted to keep it to herself.

It was not until the cat was in my arms in my living room that I realised how lucky I was.

I had been looking for a dog for my family for many years and I had finally found it.

My cat was a big, friendly, loving and affectionate animal who had lived with my mum for five years.

She was a gentle and quiet creature and we always shared our meals together.

She loved to play and she loved to snuggle up to me.

I have always believed in the power of pets.

I was also fascinated by the fact that I could get a pet for just €100 and that my friends could not get a dog because of a very strict breed control system.

In fact, they were afraid that a pet would cause too much disruption to the family, which was the reason why I would not allow my cats to go out alone.

But I was determined to find a pet I could take with me.

When I found the perfect pet for me, I was overwhelmed.

I bought the cat from a breeder who had been offering it for several years.

I also paid for the cat to be neutered.

And it was a wonderful experience, because it meant that my cat was not a stray anymore.

It also gave me a chance to look after the animal and to help her get along in the city.

A year later, when I was 40, my cat had died.

I started my own pet sanctuary and, at that point, the cat had not gone anywhere.

I decided to keep the cat as a pet and began to work on a rescue plan.

I began to realise that this was a perfect opportunity for my friend, and so I agreed to take the cat with me as part of my family.

I then started my search for a new home.

We had many friends who had cats in their homes and we wanted to find out if they had adopted one.

We found an old house in the centre of town and, with the help of the local dog walkers, we found a new one, in a quiet, well-kept area.

The owner was happy to let us keep the cats and, because I was already very busy, I offered to look for a home for the cats in my own family.

In March 2016, I found a home in the same neighbourhood and immediately had an idea for how I wanted to live with my cat.

We took the cat for a short period of time and the next summer I gave her to my friend and she accepted her as her own.

I now have a wonderful, happy and healthy cat who has become my best friend.

It is amazing how quickly things change.

I can see that I am changing the lives of my friends.

I would have liked to have taken the cat home as well, but the breeder told me that he could not guarantee the cat would be adopted.

I do not think it would have been the same for her if she had lived alone.

I am happy to be able to have a home with her for the foreseeable future and to take care of her.