If you’re looking for a great house party for the whole family, there’s no better place to start than open house, says a blog post by Whole House Fans, a group that offers advice on open house planning.

The post suggests opening houses with your neighbors, your neighbors’ family members, your own kids, your children’s friends and your closest neighbors.

Here’s how to open a house with your family and neighbors: The first thing you’ll want to do is get your family together, the blog says.

This includes your spouse, kids, aunts, uncles, cousins, a little girl, a boy and a girl.

Then, you’ll need to choose your guests.

The site recommends choosing a room to have a dinner party in, a small backyard space with a kitchenette, or a big backyard space.

(This one’s a little tricky, because it’s not as big as the backyard.)

“There’s a lot of room in your house to be happy,” the blog post says.

You’ll also need to decide where your party is going to be held.

“A lot of open houses are held outdoors,” the site says.

“But this is more fun and relaxing, especially if you have kids.

That way, you can have them all in the backyard.”

The post also recommends choosing the house’s type of music.

If you don’t have a big collection of vinyl records, you should consider finding a house that has a small selection.

If that’s not possible, the post suggests having a family room with a big kitchenette.

The blog also suggests using a house-wide calendar, and using your children to get in touch with your guests, so they can plan and share the fun of the party.

The whole house fan also suggests getting in touch if you need help choosing the location for the house party.

For more tips on open houses, check out this post.

The article is from The Washington Times.