A $1.8 billion property in the suburb of Gosford, near Sydney, has been the most sought after house in Australia for almost two years now, with demand surging.

But the price tag has only increased, with the house now costing $2.8 million.

The property was built in 2001, and is on the market for $2,500,000.

There are four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large yard, and there is also a small swimming pool.

The house has been on the house for eight years, with previous buyers willing to pay $2 million for it.

“The market is definitely on fire,” owner Robert McGarrigle said.

“There are so many offers.”

One of the most popular homes in Australia is the $2 billion property built in 1901 in Gosford by the late Australian-born financier George Graham.

The family of the family that built it, the Grahams, are said to have paid $2million for it, which the family sold to George McAlpine for $1 million in 1993.

The current owners, Robert McGerrigle and his wife, Linda, have sold the property, and are currently bidding on a new one for $4 million.

But they are not alone in their bid.

A $5 million house in Melbourne’s west is also on the up, and the price of the property is expected to increase.

The mansion was built by the McAlpines’ family in 1901 and has been home to family members for more than 200 years.

The McAlpeys sold it in 2013 for $3.6 million, but it was sold again in 2018 for $5.5 million.

They have also recently sold another property in Perth for $8.3 million.

“We’re selling at a loss and there are two properties on the go, so we’re going to be looking to sell the second one,” McGerrigh said.

The Grahams’ property in Gosbridge is a bit of a rarity, because it was built during the Depression.

It is considered one of the last examples of Victorian house building.

The original owners had it built during a time when many Victorian houses were in shambles, and many of the homes in Gosbourne had been gutted by fires.

It was one of only two Victorian houses built by Graham and his family, the other being a mansion in the city of Newcastle built in 1879.

The Fitzroy house is one of several Victorian houses that are being auctioned, along with the other properties in Gosborne.

The estate in Gosville is one in a number of properties being auctionised, including the Fitzroy home, a $3 million home in North Melbourne and a $5,000,000 house in the Brisbane suburb of Bendigo.

Some properties are being sold for as little as $250,000 each, while others are expected to sell for more.

The homes in the Gosford area have become popular with buyers, as they are all within walking distance of each other and close to the busy Gosford CBD.

A number of houses have been sold for between $2 and $3million, while some have been offered for $10 million or more.

While the McArthur family are now selling the property in Australia, the Fitzarries have not been as successful.

In 2013, the McArries sold the house in Gosbury for $9.5-million.

They later sold the home to another buyer for $11.5million.

The home is now valued at about $7.5m.