In case you haven’t heard, House mouse is returning in 2018, and it’s a great time for fans of the show to get excited.

The show’s creators, Andy Cohen and Matt Besser, will team up with House mouse creator Chris Ware to bring the mice back to life in a new movie called House Mouse, which is set for release on January 28, 2018.

The movie will star Kristen Wiig, Sam Elliott, Lauren Lapkus, and more.

We caught up with Cohen to talk about the new movie and what it’s like to be part of the Mouse family.

First off, how did you first get the idea to bring House mouse back?

Matt Bessers and Andy Cohen: We got a call from Andy Cohen, saying, “We just got an email from Chris Ware, and he’s going to come up with a really great idea for a movie called HOUSE MICE.”

I said, “Oh, I love that!”

So we’re excited to be working with Chris Ware again on something that we’ve been working on for years, which was a Mouse movie.

And Chris, and his team, they were just so generous to let us do it, which made the whole process so much easier.

I’m very honored to be doing this with Andy.

Andy: House mouse was originally supposed to come out in 2018.

We started talking about doing the movie, and the idea was to do a film where the mice are kind of the story.

We didn’t know exactly how long it would take to make, but we figured it would be about 10 years, maybe longer.

And then when we did the first draft of the script, the first few pages of the first scene had so many little things that Andy and Matt and I had worked on, like what would the mouse do, what would he do.

We were just sitting there, and we had this whole world of ideas in front of us.

And it was like, oh my god, it’s this movie.

So I was like “Okay, let’s do this.”

And so it was a real fun project.

There was just so much to do.

I don’t think anyone was aware that this was a movie.

We worked on it for so long that it was just like, “OK, we’re going to do this.

Let’s do it.”

Matt: It’s funny, when we first started writing, we were like, the movie has been around for a long time.

The Mouse was supposed to be out for a year, so we had to write about 10,000 words.

It was kind of like a marathon, so that was kind and that was fun.

But when we got to the editing room, we had like 10 different cuts.

We couldn’t get those edits together.

And we were still like, we want to do something that will be very funny, and this is a movie about mice, so it’s not a comedy.

Andy [and] Matt: We started off working with the script.

Then we started working with Andy and he and I just started building it, and Andy and I went to work.

It took us a couple months, but it was awesome.

The script was really funny, it was so good, and I thought it would have been really funny if we were doing the script for three years.

It just came together, and then we went to do the movie.

Andy and Matt: Andy and me wrote the movie together.

We had this big idea, and Chris said, you know, “Well, let me see how this is going to work.”

We had been talking about it for years.

So we went into it and went, “Okay.”

And we got a script, and that’s when we started to talk.

We thought it was funny, but I didn’t think it was going to be funny.

We thought it could be really funny.

It didn’t feel like a comedy, it felt like a weird, weird movie, so I thought we had done something really weird.

And I was totally wrong.

It was a weird movie.

It’s so weird.

It felt like an experiment, and for us, that’s how we made it.

I was watching the movie in front, and my brain was like: “Oh my god.

This is weird.”

But I didn.

I thought, this is really funny!

And I loved the script so much, and so we wrote it together, which has been amazing.

Andy[and]Matt: The movie was very much a collaboration.

It wasn’t just me and Matt.

It really was me and Andy.

We wrote the script together, we went in and started working, and when we came back in the editing studio, we found that Andy had written the movie with his brother.

And the idea of us doing this together, this crazy project, was so exciting.

And so we thought, “What if we all write this movie together? It