You’ve probably seen this house in the movies, but there’s no telling if it’s haunted or not.

Now it’s back in the news after being found in a remote area of the Pacific Northwest.

A group of hikers discovered the house in late January, and since then it’s been making the rounds on social media.

According to the Seattle Times, the house was once a large house with multiple rooms.

It’s now a house in need of renovation.

“The house is basically a ghost house,” David Hahn, the owner, told the paper.

“There are no visible signs of life.

It feels like a dream.”

He said that the house has been empty for at least three years, so it’s possible the owners could be on the road again, but that they’ve never had any trouble.

Hahn said that there are some parts of the house that are clearly visible, including a door that leads to a room that has an electric door, but the rest of the home is just a ghost town.

“It’s a ghost home, a haunted house,” he told the Times.

Hohn said that he had to go through about 50 searches before he found the house.

The house was previously owned by a woman who died in the 1980s, and the house is a former home for her family.

According to the Times, it was one of the last remaining houses in the Pacific northwest.

The owners of the original house were a family of four who had a dog.

Hahn says that the dog is no longer with them, but he says that he plans to renovate the house to better house the dog.

He’s planning on having the house fully renovated and possibly adding some furniture and some new decorations to the house, but until then, it’s just a house full of ghosts.