We’re no longer just talking about haunted houses here, as IGN is reporting that The Wince is now haunted by ghosts.

While the house was originally built in 1923, a series of mysterious disappearances led to the discovery that it was a “ghost-run” home.

The house has since been sold to a developer and now, the house is now home to a family.

The Waughrs are a “family that has been through many a tragedy,” the family said in a statement.

“It is with sadness that we share the news of the passing of this dear friend.

We are overwhelmed with love and gratitude for everything we have ever accomplished and we wish everyone well in their recovery.”

You can watch the family’s statement below.

The Waughres are not the first family to own The Winch’s home, as other family members have owned the house for generations.

In addition to the family, The Witch has owned the property for the past 100 years.

There have been several incidents that have left residents upset, including the murders of their children in 2010 and a tragic house fire in 2005.

You can read our feature on The Woughts and their haunted house to learn more.

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