The House of hoops is a popular American theme park in Australia.

It was originally located in the city of Newcastle, New South Wales.

It closed in 2017, and the original theme park has been relocated to the larger Sydney Harbour resort.

The attraction has been described as a “spice castle”, and features the iconic “Hook of the Year” image of the famed basketball team, the Sixers.

The park opened in 1977 and featured a 3-story basketball court and a replica of the iconic hoop.

The current version of the house of hoops has a new floor plan and the basketball court is a bit smaller, but it still features the famous “Hooks of the Day” image.

The house of hoop was built in 1978 by the Australian government, and opened in 1981 as the White House of hoop.

It is one of two remaining “official” White House theme parks in the United States.

In 2015, the U.S. government reopened the Whitehouse for a short period of time, but the house still remains in a state of disrepair.

In 2016, the house was removed and the remaining exterior of the building was reconstructed.

The House was rebuilt in 2018, and reopened in 2019.

The White House now hosts a variety of activities for the public, including basketball clinics, concerts, and community events.

The original House of basketball has been replaced by a new version, and is located on a smaller and quieter part of the site.

This newer version of House of hoops, however, features a much larger and more luxurious version of that same iconic image, and will feature the iconic image again in 2021.

The new White House House of Basketball has been the site of numerous public events over the years.

It’s currently home to a variety the national anthem, the United Nations General Assembly, and other events, and has been used as a training center for NBA players.

In 2018, the House of hos of hoops will host the first ever basketball dunk contest in Australia, and its been a regular attraction since.

The event was held in 2016, and was held at the White house.

The dunk contest was attended by a number of celebrities including Michael Jordan, John Legend, and Justin Bieber.