It is hard to imagine a better time to sell a Teriyak kitchen than right now.

But it’s a little different than most, says owner Michael Schlep, who has owned the Teriyakis in Calgary for 20 years.

The Teriyaks, located in the heart of Calgary’s downtown, have a reputation for being the hottest kitchens in the city.

And they are now the toast of the town.

“They’ve had such an amazing legacy, I think it’s just time to put it down,” said Schlepin, who’s selling his Teriyaghes at the end of May.

The kitchen, which is the only one of its kind in Canada, is about to become more than a piece of furniture.

Its owner says the budget woes are causing him to sell it.

“It’s not like we’re going to make a big deal of it.

We just want to move on,” said Shrek, who owns the Terikets.

Shrek, a native of Taiwan, moved to Canada when he was a child.

He says it’s been a life-changing experience.

“I had a very tough time when I first came here,” he said.

“So I had to find a way to cope with it.”

When Shrek came to Calgary in the mid-2000s, it was a time of rapid growth.

There were a lot of people moving to Calgary.

And the city was growing quickly.

Shrek and his wife, Rachel, wanted to have the same lifestyle they had before moving to Canada.

The family decided to live in a house in a neighborhood that was a little more isolated.

“We decided that the houses were just too big, too expensive,” he recalled.

“Our house is just a little bit smaller, and it just feels better to have that smaller house.”

When we first moved here, there were no sidewalks in the neighbourhood.

And it was very dangerous.

“In the early 2000s, Shrek said he started noticing some issues.

He noticed the quality of the food wasn’t as good.

He started noticing the amount of mold growing on the walls.”

And so the question became, ‘Is this something that needs to change?'”‘

I thought I’d be happy in Canada forever’The family started looking at other options.

And one of them was a Teriket in Toronto.

It was in the midst of an expansion.”

We were shocked,” he continued. “

But then, we found out that it wasn’t the same quality that we had before.”

“We were shocked,” he continued.

“It’s the first time that we’ve had a Teri-style kitchen in the United States, and the quality was just not there.”‘

It’s going up in smoke’Shrek and Rachel wanted to take the Teri Kitchen and continue to make it the best it could be.

So, they took out a loan from the city of Calgary.

The mortgage payment was paid off, but they were still in the hole.

“The mortgage payments, in the past, had been paid off on time.

And we had the credit score on the house, and we were able to get all the things we needed to make the house a good investment,” he explained.”

But we were still struggling to make payments on that.”

But the loan was about to be extended, so Shrek decided to go ahead and sell.

“For us, it’s almost like we are buying a house and we are moving in,” he told CBC News.

Shreve said the house is now worth about $1 million.

“Because of that, we have enough money to go on a vacation and go see the world, so we are really happy,” he added.

The house is not the only Teri in Canada.

There are about 20 in Canada’s two other largest cities, Vancouver and Toronto.

And there are now a couple more Teri kitchens in Canada as well.

The first was bought by a couple in Edmonton, Alberta, and now they’re on the market in Vancouver.

And in the U.S., there’s a new Teri house coming on the block, and they’re selling for $1.6 million.

Shreve said he hopes to be able to sell his Teri home by the end.