IGN News:How to Survive a Crash?

By IGN Staff”A few years ago, when we were writing the story of Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy, we thought, well, we’ve got this fantastic team that have made this game that is so amazing, we’re going to write a great story around this wonderful game and they’re going be writing a great, great story.

So we just kind of went with that.”

It’s not just a series of games that has benefited from the Crash franchise.

“I’m going to go back and talk about Crash Bandicsoot and the Crash series,” says Naughty Dog creative director John Smedley.

“Crash Bandicoots is one of the most well-known games in the world, and it’s one of my favourite games in all of gaming, period.

We’ve got a whole history of people coming up with amazing, fantastic, wonderful stories around Crash, and that’s been a really strong, really interesting thing.

It’s really interesting to talk about, because I think Crash Bandis always been about this idea of the storyteller.

It’s always been a storytelling game.

And the stories that have been told, the stories we’ve been able to tell about Crash are really, really cool.”

It was always going to be about that, but now it’s also about making the games better and making them better for players.

“We’ve been really focused on making Crash games better for a long time,” says Smedson.

“I think the game’s been so good in the past that you just think, wow, the games I’ve played are so good, why don’t I just play a new one and try it out?

But the people who play the games that we’ve made have been really great.

So I think we’ve really been able, from a creative standpoint, to do what we want to do with Crash.

And I think that’s one thing that we’re proud of.””

We want Crash to be the best game it can be.”

Naughty Dog’s continued focus on Crash is evident in how they’ve made some of the best Crash games to date.

The latest in the series, Crash Banda 3, has been praised by critics and players alike.

But it was just the first of many.

“The game was a long way from where it’s now,” says producer Chris Carter.

“It was a really long time in development, and the story and the characters were different and there was a lot of story to tell.

So yeah, there was always a lot more to do.

But the game is very much the same.

I think there are still lots of stories to tell and characters to discover.””

I think it’s really hard to say, ‘Oh yeah, we want Crash back.'”

The game’s story is just as big as the Crash titles.

But what happens when it’s done right?

“Crash Banda is a game that’s very much about what’s going on in the game,” says Carter.

“[I’m] really proud of that game because the characters are really powerful.

I’m really proud that we really put a lot into those characters, and then I think what we did with the story is that we took all of that and turned it into something that was actually really exciting and interesting.”

We’re doing that in Crash Bandacoot and it is an amazing game, and I think if we did it again, we would probably take the characters that were so powerful and do something that’s really special to them and really different to what we’ve done before.

So it’s not about the Crash games that are so successful.

We love the Crash franchises.

They’re our babies and we love the characters and we’re very proud of them.

I don’t think we’re afraid of anything.

“Crash Bandacoots is a long-term project that will last decades.

The next generation of the series is already well underway, with a game in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

But even if Crash Bandas not a big part of the next generation, Naughty Dogs is planning to make it a big game, too.”

So, it’s definitely a big, big deal to us that Crash Bands coming back,” says John Snedson.”

It’s one we’ve definitely been planning on doing for a while, but it’s kind of like, you know, I’m going back and talking about Crash and the stories around the Crash that we have created, and we’ve written the stories for these characters that have lived through so many things.

So there’s this great, long story that we just want to tell, and when we finally do it, it’ll be awesome.