I had never been in a country house before, but I was thrilled to find one for sale on the same street as my house.

I was also pretty stoked to find that the house was being built by an Englishman who’d just moved to the area.

As I walked into the house and got to know the people inside, I knew I had to buy it. 

The house was a bit of a letdown, as I had heard the reviews on the listing.

It was on a nice stretch of road with a couple of small, residential houses nearby, but nothing really stood out.

It had a large garden, and its three bedrooms were nice.

It’s a very nice, well-maintained house with a lot of neat touches, including a large, red and white striped carpet that I was impressed by.

I’d been looking forward to moving back to the UK, but now it’s home to me, I thought.

I’m still going to be living in London, but this place looks fantastic and it’s not a huge stretch for me to return to my home town. 

I picked up the house for £1,000 (around $1,400) and paid a deposit of £800 (around US$1,800) which I will pay back in full.

It also included a “bailment”, meaning that I’d get a loan of around £1 a month, which was a nice deal considering the property was worth £2,000 a month before it sold. 

My money was well spent.

The house is spacious, with lots of nice touches, like a large pool, big balcony, and a very well-appointed kitchen.

I love the kitchen, with a deep stainless steel sink, a dishwasher and refrigerator, and I love that it’s so well-kept.

I also love the views from my window. 

As the house got ready to be built, I started to see people moving into it.

As it happens, I was one of them, so I immediately asked the house’s owner if I could get a photograph of him and the building site to be on my website.

He obliged and I snapped the image of the building in a moment of clarity.

The next morning, I sent it to a few people in my network, and they were impressed.

They were impressed by how well it looked, too. 

“There’s a nice, bright spot in the ground and the garden is beautiful,” they said. 

They were also impressed with the fact that the property had been built on a street with lots and lots of houses nearby.

I thought I’d have to be extra careful in choosing the street where I lived, but it turns out that it was fine.

The building is just on a corner of a large road with houses nearby that you could drive through if you wanted to go straight into the centre of the city.

I had an idea to do a similar thing, so on Wednesday I took the photos and posted them on my Facebook page.

 The reaction was immediate.

“That’s awesome,” someone commented.

Another wrote: “You did it!”

 And then someone else wrote: I am in heaven.

The property is so lovely, I just can’t stop looking at it.

It looks great and it looks as if you are in the country at any moment. 

On Thursday, the property went on the market for £2.7 million. 

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