White House shooter Aaron Alexis has been identified as a member of a Hollywood production company.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alexis’ production company, White House Pictures, was the primary sponsor of the House Hippo project.

The House Hippos were a series of puppets created by White House Studios to perform for the American public during the 2016 Presidential election.

Alexis has been on the run since his arrest in May, where he was charged with multiple counts of attempted murder and attempted robbery.

The White House has confirmed that Alexis is currently being held at the facility of the FBI in Quantico, Virginia, and has been placed on a restricted list.

A spokesperson for White House said that the agency has been in contact with White House studios and the actor’s lawyers, and that the White House is in the process of arranging Alexis’ release.

However, a spokesperson for the White Senate said that Alexis has no immediate plans to release from custody.