A number of NFL teams have expressed support for the players who are protesting during the national anthem, which is typically a time for the league to pay homage to fallen soldiers and veterans.

But some teams have also expressed concern over the reaction to the protests and the lack of respect for the anthem.

Here’s a look at the top 10 teams that have taken a position on the issue:• Green Bay Packers: Owner Mark Murphy is a big fan of the players protesting.

But, he also said last week that he thinks the players are not expressing enough respect to the flag.

Murphy said that “I don’t think the flag has been honored enough.”

But, in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week, he added that “the people that do the protests, they’re not disrespecting the flag, and they don’t have to do it.”

“The way that they’re handling it is not respecting the flag,” Murphy said.

“It’s disrespectful to our country.

They’re disrespecting our flag.

They should respect the flag.”• Jacksonville Jaguars: Owner Shad Khan has not made a firm position on whether or not he supports the players’ protests, but he said last month that “it’s disrespectful.”

Khan told the Jacksonville News-Journal last week “I think the players have been treated very unfairly, and we have a responsibility to make sure that they are treated fairly and that they have respect for our flag and for the military.”

He said that he was “not surprised” that some players had “made it very clear they don’t like it.”• Philadelphia Eagles: The team said last Wednesday that it is supportive of the protests but that it has a policy against kneeling during the anthem or in the national silence.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, the team said it has not taken a stance on the players kneeling during or after the anthem because it is “a matter for the NFL.”

The Eagles also tweeted this week that they “don’t see the value in kneeling during, or during the playing of, the national song.”• Pittsburgh Steelers: Owner Art Rooney II is not a fan of players kneeling.

He told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last week: “I would think that they should have the opportunity to stand up, to stand in a circle or to sit down.”

He also told the paper that players are “taking the anthem as an opportunity to disrespect the flag and to disrespect our troops.”

But, Rooney said last Tuesday that he supports players’ right to protest and said that the players “should respect the American flag.”

“We should respect our flag,” Rooney said.

“The anthem should not be used to disrespect people.

The flag should not have anything to do with the anthem,” he added.

“I am for freedom of speech.

I am for everybody to be able to express their opinions and their views, but if it is in a very political way to disrespect a group of people, I think that’s a little bit disrespectful to that group of Americans.”