4.7 million people attended the quiz in 2015, but according to research published by the Daily Mail it was likely to be a few hundred fewer.

The researchers said they believed that “the average attendance was likely higher than 4.5 million, possibly in the vicinity of 5 million.”

The study, published on Monday, was conducted by researchers from the University of Leeds.

It said that the quiz was “highly popular” with students and that they “attended the quiz at a rate of over 50,000 per day.”

It added that there were “a few notable outliers”, such as “a small number of students who attended the house quiz with no knowledge of the quiz and who were therefore unlikely to have participated.”

However, it concluded that “participants who were likely to have received an invitation from a friend or relative” were also likely to attend.

“This is likely because they were not attending a traditional quiz with a large number of peers.”

But the report said that it was not clear whether these were students who were attending a quiz “because they wanted to get to know the house better or because they wanted a quiz to learn from.”

These students would have been unlikely to be participating in a traditional home-study quiz if they had received an invite.

In contrast, Dr Mary said that a quiz is “not an environment that students are interested or comfortable in”. “

There is a great need for learning and we know that when we are with friends, we want to be there and around the people we are interested in,” she said.

In contrast, Dr Mary said that a quiz is “not an environment that students are interested or comfortable in”.

She said that “students who have a need to participate are more likely to participate in a quiz if it is a quiz that they have already been invited to participate on”.

Dr O’Connor said that there was “no question” that a number of those who attended a quiz were likely not students who had received invitations to a traditional house study quiz.

She added: “However, these are the very students who are unlikely to participate because they are not interested in the task or because their parents or grandparents or relatives don’t want them to participate.

These students are likely to return to their traditional study habits in the next year.”

What to know about house study quizzes: Students attending a house study challenge can sign up to take the quiz on the first day of classes in the autumn.

If the house study challenges are not organised for the first year, students may choose to do it on their own.

For students who have attended a traditional study challenge, the task is to complete a short task in their chosen subject.

This task may include studying a book or an essay or learning about the home.

Students are allowed to attend the quiz once a week and will be judged on how well they did.

There are currently five home study challenge formats, including: The HOGS (Hogwart’s House Study Quiz) format, where students will learn about the history and geography of Hogwarts in the early years of the school; The Gryffindor House Study, where they will study their favourite characters from the series; A House of Gryffin format where they study a specific topic; House of the First Wizard format where students study a particular character; Dumbledore’s Army format where a group of students work together to defeat Voldemort; and A Hogwarts House Study Challenge format where each student completes a particular task and they are judged on their performance.

Some students have asked if there is a different format for those who do not attend the traditional quiz.

The answer is no, because the format is the same for all houses.

While house study quiddos are compulsory for all students, there are exemptions.

A student is exempt if they are an academic, a family member or someone who has attended the same house as a student.

Those who have not attended a home study quiz in the past year are exempt from the quiz.

In 2016, students attending the Hogwart’s house quiz received a letter inviting them to take part.

An official note from the organisers said that they were “very pleased” to welcome them to the quiz, and that the Quidditch World Cup “will be played at the same time as the quiz.”

There was also a sign-up sheet, and the quiz’s website said: “You can sign-in on your own or through our free web-based registration system. 

Students will be invited to visit the Quaffle and participate in the quiz from the time they arrive in the house, whether they have taken part in the previous quiz or not.”

You can also sign up on the official website or on the Hog