HARDCOVER: Home owners in Washington state who want to keep their homes taller will get $20,000 to pay for a two-story house, the second largest payout in state history, according to a new report.HELP: The average house in Washington is about 2 stories, but you might not know it.

The average home in Washington State is about 1,800 square feet, but it could be more.

The report released Thursday by the state’s Office of Planning and Zoning said that $50 million will be paid out to homeowners who can provide proof of a two story house.

The total payout will go to about 15,000 people, including some of the state ‘s most vulnerable people.

Homeowners who can prove they built their house for at least $250,000 and have no more than two children can get $10,000, said Mike Kline, senior attorney with the state Department of Finance.

That means homeowners with children can be eligible for up to $100,000.

Kline said the payments are part of a state program that will help homeowners avoid evictions.

The program is called the Home Owner Tenant Reduction Act.

It provides incentives to help homeowners reduce their mortgage payments, which can be as much as $600 a month.