Share this article Share Ale House has been the hottest house music band in town, and fans say the show’s star has been their biggest fan since she was a kid.

On Friday, Ale House’s star was featured on a promotional video for “LoudHouse,” the second episode of the new season of “The Walking Dead.”

“We had the best time,” the narrator of the clip said.

“Ale House is my favorite house music artist.”

The clip was shot in front of a public house that Ale House will open for the show.

Fans and fans of Ale House took to Twitter to express their excitement.

One person tweeted, “AleHouse fans are so excited.

We were so excited we had to go!

It’s really awesome to see them come out and support their favorite artists.

#AleHouse #WalkingDead #Loud house #The Walking dead #Ale house #ale house #fan”Another user wrote, “We love Ale House.

We love you guys.”

Another fan tweeted, “@alehouse it was a blast and we’re going to see you all at @Loudhouse.

I love you all and thank you for everything.”

In addition to the public house, Alehouse will also play an intimate, open-air performance on Friday at 2 p.m. at the Rose Theater in New York City.